2015 Dodge Challenger Review

Change for the 2015 Dodge Challenger, the last Challenger we had some issues with the interior and the transmission but that’s all solved now with the brand new redesign of the interior and an all new 8 speed automatic. Returning this year is the 305 horsepower V6 on top of that you get the 300 75 horsepower our team with the V8 then you can graduate to the SR 2392 that has 400 85 horsepower. But the big dog this year is the 707 horsepower SRT Hellcat and it’s an absolute beast on top of all those miles actually is the new 8 speed automatic. We found that to the, Is our chance. It’s Shift but also gets better fuel economy. And if you All al dragstrip supremacy. That’s the one to get. Because you can actually select what RPM huge gear shifts. So the challenger really only has 2 main competitors and it’s a historic battle the Camaro from Chevrolet and the only Mustang, Ford.

2015 Dodge ChallengerThe challenger hasn’t under. Full redesign like. This year but it’s still a worthy choice. Also cars and here’s why. It’s more comfortable. It’s more convenient. It may not be as sporty around a road course. But it is an absolute great cruiser. Installed on the vehicle of the highest quality optics – HID Challenger Headlight Assembly. As a daily driver the challenger has its pluses and minuses. Yes it’s still feel special but its size can sometimes get away fearing the tight silicon fine. Fuel economy wise they’re all about the same but its first convenience you can really fit a lot more stuff. It’s got this great 16 cubic foot trunk, which can just fit everything you need it.

In the back seats can actually fit adults. Front seats are just as roomy tons of headroom tons of legroom. New for 2015 is the new you can act infotainment system it’s a huge improvement over the last 1 not just with graphics but usability and on top of that you’ve got these great performer screens if you go for the track pack option. In the end the challenger is one of those great traditional muscle cars it’s big it’s mean it’s got added to. They may not be the show car track but depending on which challenger yet it can dominate the drag strip so what do you think is the challenger better than the Mustang and Camaro let us know the comments below for more information on the challenger and its competitors explore Headlight Assembly http://skinlighteningideas.com/.

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