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    Volkswagen AmarokVolkswagen Amarok is a new pick-up, featuring by modern design. This car is equipped with four doors and released in 3 variations of drive. Amarok combines high performance and generous space for passengers in the cabin, and an impressive capacity.

    Of course, it is worth noting the presence of the vehicle equipment and the latest security systems. Volkswagen Amarok is particularly in demand in Australia, South America and Africa. Nevertheless, the car manufacturer insists that the Amarok, due to its characteristics, will feel perfectly and on European roads.
    A characteristic feature of the new Volkswagen cars is grille combined with headlights. Also, the car features inherent in other German manufacturer: volume body, smooth lines, stylish bumper.

    The manufacturer says that the Volkswagen Amarok, with a tank with a capacity of 80 liters, without additional refueling is able to drive more than 1000 km. Manual 6-speed transmission help to save fuel in new Amarok.