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  • How To Replace Install Honda Odyssey headlights Bulb

    Last night we noticed we had a Honda Odyssey headlight out. The driver’s side low beam. Is out so today will show you how to replace the light bulbs. It’s best to replace both save time. It’s actually cheaper perlite called. And light bulbs Dudayev over time so if you want equally bright headlights replaceable save time. Stefan for the Honda Odyssey through move the air filter it’s pretty simple. Pins are here poppies don’t want their. One there. And in 4 screws. To remove the air filter housing intelligence which get in here. To the. If the light bulb for places. Both films have been popped out. Pull this P. straight up. But. And I will take the for Phillips head screws are fearful to cover. This is the passenger side headlight. You see a rubber gasket right here. Electrical connector here just grab that the full. Straight out. And that’s the Odyssey light bulb.

    honda odyssey headlightThose of brass. Context of the light bulb will pull out. The next step after you’ve pulled off the connectors to grab the gasket. By the tab right there. Pulled it straight out. We have to work around a little bit. Switch he has he’s my dominant hand area that’s a trick. Okay so the gasket comes off. There you go. There. And neither should be clipped a wire clip in there. Silver wire clip that will do to release the ball before the ball popped. The wire clip. Push it in and snap it out that holds the ball being. And I was just region pulled straight up. Careful. Every. Passenger side like pulled out. I have the new bulbs ready Honda Odyssey headlight. Important to never actually touch the glass part of the bald. The oil surfing your can create a hot spot for like to focus on and it will burn out sooner. So I was grabbed from the contact point.

    For the driver’s side headlight it’s little more problematic we have the air filter assembly here right. There that’s difficult to work around here to get in there. As best you can to pull off the rubber. Seal right there in. Undo the wire clip you can see down there. And pull the ball straight out one thing I did to help out. For the 2000 Honda Odyssey. Here’s the hood support bar I lowered that. It just used a stick I phoned Richards. In their him did him good but they keep me a little bit more room to work around. So both pulled her out. New ball teams you test one more thing about these faults. See the 3. Little metal. Posted stick out. That will guide into. The holes. It really put it wrong.

    The ball is in place you know abuse fitting the gasket back over it I’ve already locked in with it plaster with the wire clips. The only thing left now is to re attach. The electrical connection purchased pushes straight on into place. Every gone. Shana arag. Gasket electrical connections. Done with the passenger side. I. Take 2 in this part of this the driver side we’ve got a new light bulb in. Here we’ve got a clip in place for the wireless tame clips now which speed with gasket on and connect the power.