• 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD Review

    We’re here Boyer picturing a way through the 41 and this will be a video demonstration of Atlantis blue 2014 Chevrolet Equinox. Is the base model LS now has a 6 speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive. Now let’s start off this video by taking a look inside. The inside of the LST of jet black cloth seating. On the driver’s side yet power had just been in lumbar support. On the driver door you have power locks windows in years. Steering wheel has hands free controls cruise control Bluetooth an audio. Behind the steering wheel. The driver information center which has your remaining oil life. And the tire pressure monitor system. On the dashboard yes much storage here. You get a free 3 months of Sirius XM satellite radio. And you can also listen to music by using the CD player and by plugging in your music. USB port or the exhilarating.

    interior 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LS

    Which is in the arm rest here is also a power outlet down there. And a power outlet this. Storage cubby hole. Beside the shipper here’s an eco button. Which you maximize your fuel efficiency by putting into eco mode. Traction control to Cup holders. You have singles on air conditioning with front rear defrost. On the rear view mirror. Our integrated OnStar controls. And both vanity mirrors will be illuminated. The exterior of the equinox you have these halogen automatic headlamps. 17 inch aluminum wheels. On the side mirrors you have a blind spot near. Yeah remote keyless entry. And in the back here with those seats for the down you see the amount of space you get. Yet a maximum of 63.7 cubic feet. Yet another power at left back here storage bin on both sides. And opening up the cargo floor. You get a compact spare tire and the Jack. Info about Chevrolet Equinox read at link http://ledgrowlightsonline.com/chevrolet-equinox/headlights.html.

    2014 Chevrolet Equinox LS

    The best features about the equinox are the rear multi flex seats. These allow you to move them forward or backwards up to 8 inches to maximize the front legroom. Or the rear cargo space. The multi flex seats so you also allow you to recline. And for them for it. Any of what child seat anchors on the back of those. The center armrest folds down to Cup holders. Yeah mesh map pockets on the back of the front seats. And a power outlet on the back of the center console. Some of the safety features included with the LS, are 6 standard airbags. Stability track traction control. DBS breaks with hill holder system panic brake assist and a free 6 months on stars emergency services. Now looking under the hood of the equinox. That’s 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. Like it’s an amazing feeling economy of 6.9 meters per 0 kilometers highway driving even with that on demand all wheel drive system. That concludes this video walkthrough of the 2014 Chevrolet equinox LS. Come in for a test drive where picturing at 715 Kingston road.

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger Review

    Change for the 2015 Dodge Challenger, the last Challenger we had some issues with the interior and the transmission but that’s all solved now with the brand new redesign of the interior and an all new 8 speed automatic. Returning this year is the 305 horsepower V6 on top of that you get the 300 75 horsepower our team with the V8 then you can graduate to the SR 2392 that has 400 85 horsepower. But the big dog this year is the 707 horsepower SRT Hellcat and it’s an absolute beast on top of all those miles actually is the new 8 speed automatic. We found that to the, Is our chance. It’s Shift but also gets better fuel economy. And if you All al dragstrip supremacy. That’s the one to get. Because you can actually select what RPM huge gear shifts. So the challenger really only has 2 main competitors and it’s a historic battle the Camaro from Chevrolet and the only Mustang, Ford.

    2015 Dodge ChallengerThe challenger hasn’t under. Full redesign like. This year but it’s still a worthy choice. Also cars and here’s why. It’s more comfortable. It’s more convenient. It may not be as sporty around a road course. But it is an absolute great cruiser. Installed on the vehicle of the highest quality optics – HID Challenger Headlight Assembly. As a daily driver the challenger has its pluses and minuses. Yes it’s still feel special but its size can sometimes get away fearing the tight silicon fine. Fuel economy wise they’re all about the same but its first convenience you can really fit a lot more stuff. It’s got this great 16 cubic foot trunk, which can just fit everything you need it.

    In the back seats can actually fit adults. Front seats are just as roomy tons of headroom tons of legroom. New for 2015 is the new you can act infotainment system it’s a huge improvement over the last 1 not just with graphics but usability and on top of that you’ve got these great performer screens if you go for the track pack option. In the end the challenger is one of those great traditional muscle cars it’s big it’s mean it’s got added to. They may not be the show car track but depending on which challenger yet it can dominate the drag strip so what do you think is the challenger better than the Mustang and Camaro let us know the comments below for more information on the challenger and its competitors explore Headlight Assembly http://skinlighteningideas.com/.

  • How To Replace Install Honda Odyssey headlights Bulb

    Last night we noticed we had a Honda Odyssey headlight out. The driver’s side low beam. Is out so today will show you how to replace the light bulbs. It’s best to replace both save time. It’s actually cheaper perlite called. And light bulbs Dudayev over time so if you want equally bright headlights replaceable save time. Stefan for the Honda Odyssey through move the air filter it’s pretty simple. Pins are here poppies don’t want their. One there. And in 4 screws. To remove the air filter housing intelligence which get in here. To the. If the light bulb for places. Both films have been popped out. Pull this P. straight up. But. And I will take the for Phillips head screws are fearful to cover. This is the passenger side headlight. You see a rubber gasket right here. Electrical connector here just grab that the full. Straight out. And that’s the Odyssey light bulb.

    honda odyssey headlightThose of brass. Context of the light bulb will pull out. The next step after you’ve pulled off the connectors to grab the gasket. By the tab right there. Pulled it straight out. We have to work around a little bit. Switch he has he’s my dominant hand area that’s a trick. Okay so the gasket comes off. There you go. There. And neither should be clipped a wire clip in there. Silver wire clip that will do to release the ball before the ball popped. The wire clip. Push it in and snap it out that holds the ball being. And I was just region pulled straight up. Careful. Every. Passenger side like pulled out. I have the new bulbs ready Honda Odyssey headlight. Important to never actually touch the glass part of the bald. The oil surfing your can create a hot spot for like to focus on and it will burn out sooner. So I was grabbed from the contact point.

    For the driver’s side headlight it’s little more problematic we have the air filter assembly here right. There that’s difficult to work around here to get in there. As best you can to pull off the rubber. Seal right there in. Undo the wire clip you can see down there. And pull the ball straight out one thing I did to help out. For the 2000 Honda Odyssey. Here’s the hood support bar I lowered that. It just used a stick I phoned Richards. In their him did him good but they keep me a little bit more room to work around. So both pulled her out. New ball teams you test one more thing about these faults. See the 3. Little metal. Posted stick out. That will guide into. The holes. It really put it wrong.

    The ball is in place you know abuse fitting the gasket back over it I’ve already locked in with it plaster with the wire clips. The only thing left now is to re attach. The electrical connection purchased pushes straight on into place. Every gone. Shana arag. Gasket electrical connections. Done with the passenger side. I. Take 2 in this part of this the driver side we’ve got a new light bulb in. Here we’ve got a clip in place for the wireless tame clips now which speed with gasket on and connect the power.

  • Safety of hyundai grandeur

    hyundai grandeurThe security systems of Hyundai Grandeur includes control of the operation of the engine and brakes, intelligent cruise control, dynamic stabilization, plenty of airbags with low effort disclosure, the seats that protect the auto when you hit it from behind and the electric parking brake.

    In 2014 Hyundai introduced an updated version of the last generation sedan in Pusane. Hyundai Grandeur is different by its new front design, where grille with vertical bars had appeared, led fog lights as Hyundai elantra gt headlights, also modified front and rear bumpers.

    The interior of Hyundai Grandeur was also updated, they set new center console vents and deflectors of ducts, and the navigation system got an 8-inch touch screen. Range of engines was extended. It now contains a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine according to Euro-6 standards. Its power is 202 HP and torque – 441 Nm.

  • The term of minibuses service.

    minibuses service.Minibuses are the transport, which has become popular among business owners that are engaged in the transport of small and large cargoes and passengers transportation. This transport is optimal when you need to deliver a small number of people or small loads quickly and safely. That’s only because of the frequent use of vans and minibuses, these machines need constant inspection, maintenance, and they also need replacement parts often than conventional cars. And it does not mean that the minibuses are stamped quickly, without having to worry about the quality, simply because of the continuous operation, car parts wear out faster, and nothing more.

    So, most of the owners of minibuses believe that today there is no the problem to find any part of it, and speak everywhere about it. But only those people can say this, who has not yet faced the challenge of finding the desired items. People, who already faced a minibus repair know, it is not so easy to find quality parts very quickly.
    To deal with repairs and constant search for the right parts, you need make cars service in time and spend permanent, even say, daily inspections of technical state of minibuses.

  • Volkswagen Amarok.

    Volkswagen AmarokVolkswagen Amarok is a new pick-up, featuring by modern design. This car is equipped with four doors and released in 3 variations of drive. Amarok combines high performance and generous space for passengers in the cabin, and an impressive capacity.

    Of course, it is worth noting the presence of the vehicle equipment and the latest security systems. Volkswagen Amarok is particularly in demand in Australia, South America and Africa. Nevertheless, the car manufacturer insists that the Amarok, due to its characteristics, will feel perfectly and on European roads.
    A characteristic feature of the new Volkswagen cars is grille combined with headlights. Also, the car features inherent in other German manufacturer: volume body, smooth lines, stylish bumper.

    The manufacturer says that the Volkswagen Amarok, with a tank with a capacity of 80 liters, without additional refueling is able to drive more than 1000 km. Manual 6-speed transmission help to save fuel in new Amarok.